Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Choosing the right Acrylic could dramatically change the ease and success with which you work. St Luke is the home of Golden Acrylics in Australia so we can help you to choose the right product to help you create the effects that you desire. Here is a short rundown of the types of acrylic paint that Golden produces. All heavily pigmented and made to a professional quality Golden paint is like no other brand and handles like the rolls royce of acrylic art materials.

*FLUID ACRYLICS have a thin, pourable viscosity with an equally strong pigment load to heavy body acrylics. Fluids are ideal for artists who like to create smooth paint surfaces and thin washes of colour.

*HEAVY BODY ACRYLICS have a high viscosity that’s designed to hold a brushstroke and spread like butter with a palette knife. Heavy Body acrylics are free form fillers and matting agents making them one of the most popular paints in the world.

*OPEN ACRYLICS have a creamy viscosity for applying thin layers of paint used in traditional blending techniques. Created with a unique polymer dispersion, Open can remain wet on the palette for days and are interchangeable with all gels and mediums.

St Luke is now stocking a new book by the Master of all Golden Acrylic Patti Brady.
Rethinking Acrylic, radical solutions for exploiting the world's most versatile
This book contains everything you need to know about using acrylics; from manufacture through to surfaces, mediums and applications. Rethinking Acrylic retails for just $39.95 and you can purchase it from St luke via postal order or in the store.

For more information on Golden or Patti Brady please visit the Golden Website.

All images courtecy Golden Artist Colours.
*All text courtacy Patti Brady

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring Dreaming of Summer

This month we thought we should share some colours with you that reflect this beautiful time of the year.

Daylight savings has just arrived so more time to enjoy the light and start to savour the longer twilights- more time in the studio, gardening and beer gardens!

Most of you will be aware that Langridge (our sister company) has now released their range of Professional Oil Colours. We are extremely excited about this!

This is the only professional oil ever made in Australia and has been 10 years in the making. David Coles, the paint maker has chosen 32 colours for the first range, with another 32 to be released within the next 10 months.

Here’s some of the colours in the new range with our slant on them- of course we have all the technical terms and descriptions of them at St. Luke and we could talk for hours about how pure and beautifully ground they are but you already know that Langridge never does anything by halves and anyway this is more fun!


It’s not a mixed colour it really is unbleached titanium!

Sort of looks like the skin tone stockings you have been wearing all winter.

Just like stockings it’s beautifully soft which makes it delicious to brush out.


This is the yellow of nostalgic childhood late afternoons when everything heightens in colour. You know when the grass and shadows go otherworldly?

Great for wild high lights or mix it with some Phthalo Green= Bang!


I’m pure and sweet, transparent and glowing

I’m St. Luke’s trademark

I’m good looking on ladies lips

I’m the red of a post box

What am I?


David Coles emigrated from London in 1992 and he is still in awe of the Australian sky. This is his homage to the blue summer sky and we thank him very sweetly for doing it so neatly!


This is the colour you want to lay down on so you can stare at the Zinc Blue sky above.

And if you feel the need to chomp on a piece of grass at the same time make sure it’s this colour!


Now that you have taken off your winter stockings, had your trip down memory lane, had a taste of Naphthol and gone off to the gardens to experience the sky and grass what better way to end the day with swim in some Cobalt Teal water just like in those travel brochures that you never believe in until you get there!

All Langridge Professional Oil Colour is available in 40 ml, 110 ml, 1 Lt and even 4 Lt if you really want to go nuts!

Low Toxic Solvent & Mediums

As artists we occasionally need to use our brains. If you use oil paint in your practice you will be familiar with the joys of inhaling distilled gum turps. If you are particularly naughty the odour of supermarket bought turps will be something you are also familiar with, but please, don’t tell us about your bad studio habits. The St. Lukettes are here to let you know that we love your brain and you should too. Langridge combats the history of artists gone mad by bringing you Low Toxic and Non-toxic professional artist materials.

Langridge Low Toxic Solvent

Langridge Low Toxic Solvent is different to other “Odourless” Solvents on the market.

It’s not just deodorised, it’s 84% less toxic. Yes, 84%!!!!!

Of course it can’t do everything distilled gum turps can do, like dissolve Damar but it can do enough for you to have no excuses against using it in your studio practice. Odourless Solvents may not smell like poison but they are.

Mix Low Toxic Solvent with your paint mediums or clean your brushes.

No more headaches. No more awful smells.

Langridge Low Toxic Paint Medium

That same great stand oil base, except made with Low Toxic Solvent. You know Langridge have street cred for making the best oil painting mediums and this one is:


-Great for wet in wet painting, soft blending and glazes.

-A classic all rounder.

-Completely necessary.

Langridge Low Toxic Gel Medium

When you want oil paint to dry yesterday, try this. Touch dry in 18-36 hours, you can build up layer upon layer. This medium holds robust paint marks but is also great for glazing and extending oil colour.

Langridge Safe-Gel

Now we are getting totally non-toxic. Completely solvent free, Safe-Gel is ideal for delicate types who flare up at any provocation. Extend your oil colour whilst maintaining structured marks. This medium is slow drying so you can save your brain cells and have time to think about what you are doing. Great if you’re up the duff!

Langridge Safe-Clean-Up

Super brush restorer! Non-toxic and solvent free. Clean your brushes of oil and acrylic paint with this coconut oil based product. It is like a moisturiser for your brushes, they will last way longer and keep their shape better than if you use turpentine.

Langridge Safe-Impasto

A paint extender that is for big mark making and impasto techniques. Based on Linseed oil, this medium contains no phosphates or skin irritants. Safe-impasto is slow drying due to the omittance of solvents.

Exclusive only to St. Luke