Friday, January 21, 2011





Here is your chance to try some of the most luminous and beautiful oil paints in the world.

Williamsburg can be seen on recently acquired canvases in galleries all around the world,

form the Pompidou in Paris to MOMA in New York .

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints are all about pigments.

St Luke knows that some of our customers are up to date with these beautiful modern paints made in New York,

but for the rest of the uninitiated it’s time to graduate to fully loaded, pure pigment oil paints.

Williamsburg is an instituition and thier colour range comprises of some of the newest and highest performing pigments in the world.

Forget your stalwart, tiring English and German reliables and test drive the best that New York has to offer.

From phthalos, Quins to Pyrroles this sale is a one off and designed to get you addicted to the best looking oil paints in the world.

Colours are limited to stock at St Luke so first in best dressed, (or most colourful in this case).

SERIES 1 $56.10 now $39.30

SERIES 2 $80.55 now $56.40

SERIES 3 $94.65 now $66.25

SERIES 4 $116.85 now $81.80

SERIES 5 $179.35 now $125.55

SERIES 6 $195.45 now $136.85

SERIES 7 $223.70 now $156.60

SERIES 8 $308.35 now $215.85

No further discounts apply and can not be used in conjunctions with Vouchers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Encaustic Workshop

Here are the details for Michelangelo's Encaustic workshop. All materials for Encaustic are available from St. Luke and our staff can help you with any information you require.

Lessons on painting will start again soon in my studio in North Fitzroy.

Term 1
1st February - 8th April (10 weeks)

Term 2
27th April - 1st July (10 weeks)

Term 3
18th July - 23rd September (10 weeks)

Term 4
10th October - 22 December (11 weeks)

Wednesdays: 10.00 am. to 2.30 pm. (half hour lunch break)
Thursdays: 3.00 pm. to 7.00 pm.

As always let me know if you have different preferences and I will try to accommodate your requests.

The cost for the lessons are:

$ 90 per session casual
$ 75 per lesson when purchased in a 5 lesson block. (to be used within the term)
$ 65 per session when purchasing the entire term (1 lesson a week).

Workshops on Encaustic Paintings in North Fitzroy

Before Term 1 starts again I will run two 2 day workshops on Encaustic Painting.

First Workshop Wed. 26 and Thu. 27 of January .

Second Workshop Fri. 28 and Sat. 29 of January.

All workshops from 10.00 am. to 3.30 pm. (half hour lunch break)

Bees wax, dry pigments, damar crystals and 2 wooden panels 30 X 25 cms (approx depending on availability) provided.

If you like you may bring some natural bristle brushes, a heat-gun, some of your favourite dry pigments or a support you may like to work on if you think the two wooden panels are not enough (all support to be un-primed).
The above items are optional.

Again let me know if you have different time preferences and I will try to accommodate your requests.

Cost for the two day workshop $ 360 (+GST) - all materials included

Lunch is BYO or there are a number of good cafes in walking distance from the studio.

Please note Max 5 students per workshop.

Bookings and enquires please contact Michelangelo

mob. 0413 996 071