Thursday, February 10, 2011


Acrylic Aspirations

Acrylic painting classes with Merryn j Trevethan

Explore the amazing variety of paints, gels, mediums and grounds available today for creating with this

incredibly versatile medium. Be inspired to let loose and explore the infinite possibilities and combinations.

Enjoy a series of 3 hour hands on painting workshops using Golden Acrylic Colors and Golden Acrylic Gels

and Mediums in a relaxed, supportive and fun environment. You can do one workshop or you can do all of

them.The workshops are suitable for beginners to practising artists, whatever stage you are at- learn ways to

push your creativity further by finding the right materials for your vision and making it happen!

There will be loads of product samples on hand fozr you to try and you will leave with some artworks of your

own. These classes aim give you the confidence to experiment and to find the right materials for your

creative vision.

Acrylic Aspirations- colours for a cleaner palette

An introduction to Golden acrylics. Find out what makes Golden so special and explore the difference be-

tween the Fluid, Heavy Body and Open paints. Learn basic colour mixing, the difference between mineral and

modern pigments and which colours to choose for a cleaner palette. Try some of the many gels and grounds

and learn how to create contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, and mixed media. Play with

water colour techniques using Golden Fluids on the surfaces you have created.

Date: Sat 26 Feb 10am- 1pm Cost: $80 (does not include materials)

Process Painting- Pour, scrape and drip

Get a grip on the many gels and mediums Golden have to offer and see what’s in it for you. Explore a range

of textural effects using the different gels and mediums. Layer your work with pours, stains, drips and pastes.

Scrape, carve and sand. Learn how to make acrylic skins and look at ways of incorporating them into your


Date: Sat 5 Mar 10am- 1pm Cost: $80 (does not include materials)

Pixels and Paint- The magic of mixing more media

Welcome to the exciting world of digital printing grounds and manipulating the printed image. Use a wide

range of prepared surfaces combining acrylics, gels, pastes, digital grounds, fabric, fibre and other. This

workshop will cover a variety of ways to transform your own images from direct transers to digital printing.

You will make acrylic skins and learn how to prepare them for printing. Look at ways of manipulating the

printed image by adding, subtracting and layering.

Date: Sat 19 Mar 10am- 1pm Cost: $120 per person. Includes all materials.

Contact: Merryn Trevethan

Mobile:04 22 515 880



Venue: Substation Art Centre, 1 Market Street, Newport. (Ample free parking onsite) Opposite Newport

Train Station. Bookings essential.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Carl Plansky founder and owner of Williamsburg Paints has always been interested in pigments oils mediums and old-world recipes. Wherever he traveled he would research the history of painting and the relationship between painters and paintmakers. In France he bought colors from the houses that made paints for Monet Matisse and Cezanne. Carl analyzed their paint to see how fine or coarse the grind was and to determine where they found their pigments and oils. With this same passion he searches for the most beautiful raw materials in the world importing pigments from dozens of countries. Getting the proper pigment is just the beginning. So much of the quality of oil paint is in the grinding. Each color is ground to enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to that particular pigment. Some of our paint will feel slightly gritty; some extremely smooth. Our Cerulean Blue will have a beautiful velvet light-absorbing surface with an extremely strong covering power; our siennas will often be chunky or gritty to allow light to travel through the vehicle exposing rich golden or mahogany undertones instead of just heavy dull browns. Employing the techniques of 19th century French colormakers Plansky''s pigments are made in small batches ensuring the ultimate in quality control.