Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Exquisite Palette

Late 2006 St. Luke thought up a lovely little idea. What if we put on a small exhibition in our shop? We could ask some friends/customers to paint on a wooden kidney shaped palette, cliche? Maybe but then so is the palette these days.

With a great space behind the counter to display them we thought OK we just need 32 Artists to say yes.As we started counting out names to hit up we realized there is just too much talent that comes into St. Luke, then of course we wanted all the wonderful people and Artists that had really supported us over the first 7 years of business- well that just opened the flood gates, of course we didn't except them all to say yes but 98% did which was mind blowing considering we deal with a lot of extremely busy exhibiting Artists.

So off the palettes went far and wide, even as far as China and New York! To help them along we said no rules (something us Artists love!). Everyone was very keen to get started apart from our book keeper who thought it was a wonderful idea until we handed her her palette explaining it was compulsory under St. Luke law that all staff must be involved-the look on her face was the same face we give her when she does our tax.

For 2 months the palettes were out there being coiffed by the Artist's hand. Then the due date finally came around....that day was better than Xmas, to see the wildly high standard that everyone had done was staggering! Like little bees the St.Lukettes started to get everything in place for the big opening night, music, wine and a dress code dubbed "Exquisite" our goodness what to wear!!

Many things have been already said about the opening night and all we can say is it's all true- it was a real wing ding. It continued on till the wee hours thanks to The British Crown Hotel that also sponsored our wine for the opening (We love you Gavin!)

Fast-forward to September 2007 and we are now sitting in St. Luke surrounded by 150 amazing palettes of all description most of them already sold due to the feeding frenzy of sales on opening night. The response has been to say the very least over whelming!

Many people were involved in this show and St. Luke is greatly grateful to firstly the Artists, without you the show would not exist!

Dan Ablethorpe, Andrew Ackroyd, Rosalind Atkins, Melissa Barnes, Paul Beauvais, Sharon Billinge, Laurene Billiet, Patsy Blair, Katt Blakie, Louise Blyton, Paul Boston, Clive Bowles, Robin Bowles, James Broadway, David Bromley, Sheridan Brown, Penny Byrne, Pablo Cabezas, Michelle Caithness, Joel Campbell, Robin Cave, Trish Cave, Angela Cavalieri, Celeste Chandler, Denis Chapman, Jimmy Chrome, Pauline Clayton, Cath Coad, Ewen Coates, Helen Cole, Peter D Cole, David Coles, Mathew Collins, Marian Crawford, Michael Cross, Dagmar Cyrulla, Andrea Daniel, Narelle Desmond, Craig Deuce, Andrew Dewhurst, Tessa Dodds, Tina Douglas, Barry Drinan, Jason Edwards, Peter Fifer, Rosemary Fisher, Michael Fitzgerald, Pauline Foo, Juan Ford, Belinda Fox, Graham Fransella, Caroline Fry, Dianne Gall, Nat Gauci, Jeff Gauci, Jeremy Geddes, Triecia Gibney, Amanda Goodge, Rona Green, Marguerite Griffith, Mark Griffith, Rob Grove, Brigitte Hafner, Anita Halliday, Kirrily Hammond, Melinda Harper, Rebecca Harris, Katherine Hattam, Louise Hearman, Christine Healy, Susan Hipgrave, Nina Hipgrave Waring, Judy Holding, Patricia Holleley, Rob Hollingworth, Noel Hourigan, Alison Howson, Ruth Hutchinson, Tuyet Hutchinson, Christine Johnson, Christopher Jones, Rebecca Jones, Shane Jones, Tim Jones, Jeff Keddie, Forest Keegel, Adrian Kellett, Caroline Kennedy, Helen Kennedy, Martin King, Deborah Klein, Helen Kocis Edwards, Scott Langridge, Rhys Lee, David Leece, Peter Mahoney, Jade Mahoney, Jeff Makin, Michael Mark, Ken Martin, George Matoulas, Jenny McCracken, Roger Moloney, Soula Mantalvanos, David Mellows, Sarah Menelaus, Patricia Mullins, Mark Ogge, Lou Paulin, Anne Pavey, Luke Pither, Lachlan Plain, Cat Poljski, Nada Poljski, Clifford Posner, Michael Powell, Steven Rendall, Michelangelo Russo, Mary Schepisi, Simon Sherrin, Louise Skacej, Spook, Anne Spudvilas, Aaron Steinke, Rosa Tato, Elizabeth Tarrant, Jim Thalassoudis, Jo Todd, Joshua Tonkin, Jennifer Travers, Andrew Treloar, Merryn J Trevethan, Mick Turner, Steve Turpie, Angela Valiotis, Jennifer Van Dam, Kim Vernon, Anne Virgo, Adam Waddell, Hugh Waller, Peter Walsh, Edward Waring, Peter Webster, Irene Wellm, Ian Wells, Deb Williams, Cathryn Wills, Michael Wolff, Oscar Yanez & John Young

The British Crown Hotel whose staff also took on board the dress code for the night.

Dennis Chapman who jumped on a train to come down from Bendigo in our hour (many hours) of need to hang the show xxx
Graham Fransella whose wonderful opening speech warmed our hearts

The Chocolate Lover for making the beautiful chocolate covered palette which was raffled, you can find him at the South Melbourne Market (the best hand made chocolates ever!)

Ian Wells, Jo Todd and her gang for making sure people didn't go thirsty

David Coles and Langridge Staff for putting up with all our calls for HELP. To all the poor people that had to listen to us talk non-stop about THE SHOW. And lastly St. Luke would like to say thank-you to Angelia Valiotis and Louise Blyton who gave birth to The Exquisite Palette Show.
St. Luke will put up all the palette photos next week!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Reason to Paint said...

What a fabulous first post! And I love it that you have Mark Ogge's palette there, definitely one of my favourites.

You've set an impressive standard now; looking forward to enjoying many future posts on the St Luke's blog :)

life-draw said...

Wish I was in Melbourne. Can't wait to see the palette photos.

jam2art said...

It's such a fabulous show, and such a privilage to participate in it. Thank you all for putting it together and providing me with the opertunity to fantasize for a year about what to do next time!

Ben Rowe said...

I didn't make it to the opening, but popped in on Friday to see it all.

It's a fantastic exhibition. Well done for putting it together.

Great to hear that you guys have started a blog too. Have fun!