Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bella-Arti Gesso Panels

These Gesso panels are lightweight and rigid 8mm poplar plywood panels prepared with acrylic primer, polished to a highly smooth finish.  Suitable for many pictorial techniques including Oils, Acrylics, Gouache, Watercolour and Mixed Media.

10 x 15 cm   $4.50
18 x 13 cm   $5.35
20 x 25 cm   $9.95
  25 x 35 cm   $17.55
  20 x 40 cm   $13.70
  30 x 40 cm   $18.05
  40 x 50 cm   $27.70

Call St Luke (03) 9486 9992 to get a quote on delivery or we can put some aside for you.


Eugene Veszely said...

Do you sell any canvas/linen boards?


Hi Eugene,
we sell mdf canvas and linen panels. The sizes and prices are as follows:

127 x 179mm $7.50
300 x 150mm $12.50
254 x 203mm $12.50 (golden mean size)
300 x 300mm $16.50

The panels are available in 12 ounce primed cotton, Clear Primed linen and Medium or Fine weave primed linen. Call us to reserve or for stock levels.
Thanks for your enquiry,
St Luke.