Friday, May 3, 2013


 David Palliser Dental Harmony Collage $200

 Marina Mason Don Quixote and Friend Acrylic $200
 Paul Williams Blackwood Oil $100

 Rosa Tato A Palette Full of Posies. Vintage "Feldman" Porcelain, Paint. $500

 Sam Martin, Inclusive and Instant. Oil $100
 Sarah BuntingUntitled. Oil $200

 Smiley WilliamsSomewhere Out There. Acrylic $300

 Mick TurnerKookaburra. Oil $150
 Thirty60Melanie Brown. Mixed Media $300

 Marie LarkinTransition. Oil $200
 Patricia HolleleyBouquet. Embroidery on Linen $500
 David ColesZinc Blue Draw Down. Langridge Oil Colour $100
 Rhonda Goodall-KirkHuman Cannonball. Oil $500
 David MellowsNorth From Base. Acrylic $500
 Sue AndersonUnholy Land. Acrylic, Pencil $200
 Rob LawryFrilled Necked Lizard. Acrylic paint $100
 Adrianne StrampBerani. Oil $500
 Michelangelo RussoThe silence of the thinking painter. Encaustic $300
 Patricia QuinnThe Fence. Oil $100
 Simon O'CarriganPalette. Oil $100
 Wendy KellyBlush. Acrylic, Oil, Thread on Board $400
 Benjamin RowettExistential Polymer. GAC 100 and Acrylic $200
 Michelle ZuccoloExquisite Objects. Oil $200
 Andrew TreloarStriding Anamorph. Acrylic $330
 Bronwyn BainGod is a Button. Oil, Fresco Mixed Media $200
 Judith LeuenbergerShells Oil $100
 Dawn Looper Regent Honey Eater. Oil $200
 Kate TurnerAquarium. Oil $100
 Stephanie LeighMan & Corner Table. Oil $100
 Alizon Gray #26, Oil on Paper $100

James Marks Lou's Studio. Balsa $100

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