Friday, May 10, 2013


 Tamar DolevEaster Weekend. Paint Pens $100

 Philip HullViewpoint. Alkyd $300 and Louise DonavanMy Land. Watercolour $200

 Hector VigorLad Work. Collage $120 and Curran JamesUntitled, Acrylic $200

 Andrew InfantiDeath by Cunninlingus. Mixed Media $300

 Liam LinleyCassokeko. Acrylic $200

Nikki D'EmdenGrowth. Mixed Media $300 and Josh TambourineStarlight. Acrylic $200

 Elizabeth BarnettSeated Lady in a House Dress. Oil $300

Dennis ChapmanLab Rat. Mixed Media $100

AnonFossil Fuel. 150,000,000 year old Huon Pine Fossil, Plastic Men $200

Danica ChappellUnderneath It All. Unique Hand Printed Photograph $100

Pam ReitmanSailing off the palette. Acrylic $125

Jessica QuinnButtons. Acrylic $100

Grangie KempWhen In Spain. Mono Print, Thread $100

Rosemary MangiameleThe Harmony of Nature. Acrylic $100

Mark OggeHalf Man Half Woman. Oil $500

Noel HouriganAfter the Opening. Wax, Wood, Wire $200

Ros AtkinsTIIMMBERRR! Mixed Media on Board $300

Kyoko ImazuSurge. Ink and Watercolour $400

Dave Haggeruntitled #290313. Mixed Media, Bottle, Ash,Pins $200

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